• Intertek AGRI Inspection - Surveying Major Raw Sugar vessels coming from Brazil.

  • R.S.C.L (Red Sea Container Line) Operating feeder to Egypt and Conventional vessels between Red-sea ports and Persian Gulf.

  • M.C.L (Metz Container Line) Operating Feeder Inter Red-sea ports (Jeddah, Aqaba , P. Sudan, Ainsokhna and Djibouti) As well a Line Serving between Black Medsea ports to Redsea.

  • OSLO Shipping (Previously IKON Shipping Co,) Operating Heavy Lifter vessels for Project Cargoes.

  • E.N.L (Egyptian Navigation Line) Operating RO/RO vessel from Med. Ports to Red-sea as well Inter Red-sea Jeddah, Aqaba, Suez.

  • Wadi-El Nile Co. Operating RO/RO Vessels between Persian Gulf, Pakistan, India to Red-sea Ports.

  • ERSL (Eritrean Shipping Line) Operating RO/RO vessel and conventional inter Red-sea ports and Persian gulf.